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PVC SWING DOORS for Personnel, Trolley & Forklift access

PVC Swing doors offer a simple, durable and economical solution for commercial and industrial applications, including factories, warehouses, cold storage, freezers, food production, food service, cafes, manufacturing, distribution, retail stores, supermarkets, airports, clean rooms, and hospitals.

Effective Environment Barrier

Our premium PVC swing doors act as an effective, functional barrier against noise, wind, and airborne nuisances. They offer one of the most efficient solutions available against draughts, wind, noise, heat, cold, dust, fumes and insects.

Energy Savings Benefits

Designed for any environment such as high steam, cold rooms or high volume traffic, PVC Swing Doors also enable significant energy savings by maintaining temperature control.

Using special grade PVC, doors can be used as ante doors in freezer application.

High strength Frames and PVC panels

Built with high quality aluminium or steel frames, combined with the toughest flexible PVC panels, our premium swing doors operate quietly, and are engineered to sustain continuous operation with minimal maintenance, even in the toughest conditions.

PVC Swing doors applications

Our PVC swinging doors provide your business with a durable, low maintenance and cost effective proven solution to your doorways.

  • Perfect for light to heavy pedestrian, trolley or forklift traffic
  • Flexible impact-rated PVC panels withstanding even the highest traffic applications
  • Clear or Opaque PVC panels
  • Unrestricted view of oncoming traffic for increased safety
  • Two way traffic flow
  • Air temperature, noise levels and hygiene control
  • Non corrosive Aluminium or Steel frames

Our swing doors are built for optimal protection from dust and drafts – and blend professionally and beautifully with your workplace aesthetic.


Type of Traffic PVC Frame
Pedestrian Traffic 5mm Aluminium
Pedestrian & Trolley or Pallet Truck Access 5mm Steel
Forklift Access 7mm Steel


Why choose Swingdoors Australia?

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We use only premium grade materials both for frames and PVC panels. We build your doors to the highest quality standards.

Easy ordering and installation

PVC swing doors are easily fitted in shops, factories, warehouses, processing plants – whatever your doorways size and frame.

Just measure the height and width of the inside of your doorway, complete our online form and we’ll give you an obligation free quote immediately. Swing doors are manufactured to your specifications and delivered ready to install.

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